Welcome to A.L.A.S

We are a group of mothers whose babies went to adoption, and adopted women. We are in different stages of reunions and some have vetos against them. ALAS was established in 1989. We meet on a monthly basis both on the Northside and Southside.

Our aims and objectives are:

Apology on behalf of RBWH

On 9 June 2009, Professor Ian Jones met with members of ALAS to make history in being the first hospital to acknowledge wrongs of the past in relation to adoption practices in Australia. Led by Trish, Janice and Margaret, ALAS accepted a written apology from Professor Ian Jones on behalf of the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital. Channel 7 News also witnessed the apology and broadcast it in a television exclusive titled "Adoption Scandal" shown on the 10th June 2009.

Profession Ian Jones said:
"On behalf of the hospital in recognition of the suffering and pain you have gone through for so many years I would like to offer you this letter of apology and to wish you the best for the future and hope you will gain a lot from the counsel you are about to receive.
Thank you very much."

The letter of apology read:
"To Members of the Adoption Loss Adult Support Group
Dear Friends,
Thank you for meeting with senior members of Women's and Newborn Services at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital on 10 February 2009 and sharing your stories with us about the care you received at the Royal Women's Hospital some time ago. It was very moving and indeed saddening to hear how your experiences have adversely affected your lives, and many other lives that are near and dear to you.
From our frank discussions, we understand that each of you was denied the right to experience the natural relationship between mother and child to care for and to raise your children yourselves, but because of hospital practices were not permitted to do so.
In summary you have described to us how your much wanted babies were taken from you by the practices of the hospital operating at the time and that you feel you were coerced by hospital staff to sign over your babies for adoption.
In this regard we acknowledge the hurt and suffering you have described and sincerely apologise for any ill treatment experienced by you as single women during your pregnancy and confinement at the Royal Women's Hospital.

Yours sincerely

Professor Ian Jones
Obstetrician and Executive Director
Women's and Newborn Services
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital